To See And Be Seen

From this spot onshore,
the sun polishes the surface
of life’s stream into
a shattered mirror,
a thousand thousand diamonds
all echoing a single face
I wish wasn’t mine alone.
Beneath the cracks and facets
in this waterway to a final tomorrow,
swim the wild things,
themselves shining or
jewel encrusted in what
broken light illuminates,
in prism’d angles,
the flashing and finny
feelings you’ve so seldom seen.
Few have ever caught or hooked
my feelings. Just as I
can’t spear yours with my pen
or sharpened tongue.
What does it matter, though,
if whenever they see our shadows
from above they dive
into the darkness at the bottom?
Nonetheless, I still return
to this spot, perhaps expecting
one to breach the crystalline surface,
whether it’s floor or ceiling,
doesn’t matter, mine or yours,
doesn’t matter. Only the proof
at least one truly exists
to one day see and be seen.

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