Broken Promises

I’ve broken so many 
of my promises to you.
In all honesty, I didn’t mean to.
I hope you didn’t think I broke them 
because they have all been lies. 
I’ve never been able 
to keep a lie very well, either. 
You need a good memory 
to be a competent liar. 
And that is a talent I lost 
through years of falling and
breaking myself, like a promise.
In the end, what does it matter 
the promises one makes 
or the one’s one cannot keep?
A promise is but a wish 
not yet fulfilled. 
Kind of like all those you wished 
I’d never made and
all the ones I wished you had.
I’ve learned the unfortunate lesson
life’s too short to make many promises 
and it’s too long to tell many lies.
All either do is let you down.
Just like me.

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