It’s Written In the Scars

I learned somewhat late in life, perfection 
was an impossible standard to capture.
To pull it off required misdirection,
like casting a spell akin to rapture.

And for a while I could be quite smitten
mostly during those times I was manic.
I’d find more than I could chew I’d bitten,
while I was choking on it without panic.

I learned that perfect can obscure the true,
after I kept running into walls headlong.
I was healed and chastened by then and knew
if I saw only perfect, I’d be dead wrong.

This revelation and relief I’m sharing;
they came to me like some grace from above.
Please know despite the scars you’re wearing,
you’re always worthy of this scarred man's love.

2 thoughts on “It’s Written In the Scars

  1. Thank you, Dory. I feel some commitment returning to me after a long down spell and with it should come productivity. I just hope something of the old connection with a reader comes with it. (Still can’t write a darn story worth a lick, though.)

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