My Second Poetry Collection, “One Hundred Beats A Minute,” available on Amazon


Some of you may be wondering (or not) where the heck I’ve been for the past few months. Well, once again, lots (and lots) of Hesch-type life kept me away from you as a friend and a writer during that time. What I hope is the best of those things separating us was my working away on a new collection

So it’s with some excitement and a considerable jangle of nerves that I announce the publication of my second collection of poetry, One Hundred Beats A Minute: Sixty 100-Word Poems.

You can find it in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon here:

In my first collection, Penumbra: The Space Between, I expressed my impressions on life and nature from the view of a man emerging from years of darkness into a brighter personal and artistic existence, standing astride middle age. Neither young nor old, still peering at things from the edge of shadow and light, the penumbra.

In this collection, I hope to convey impressions and imaginings of life, love, art, nature and what I see outside or inside the swirly-glassed windows of my soul. All sixty poems, the number of seconds in a minute, bound within the frame of one hundred words.

No wiggle room, exactly one hundred, or my obsessive mind gets all edgy. When I succeed, where obsession met compulsion and life met art, I squirmed in my seat, my knees and heels tended to flutter up and down from the floor and my heart beat like I’d just run a sprint of a hundred meters.

I hope the poems in One Hundred Beats A Minute give your heart and mind a rush here and there, too. Maybe even one that taps against your life’s window at, oh, say a hundred beats per minute.