Interview with Poet Emmett Wheatfall

Emmett WheatfallThis week, I had the honor of being interviewed by Oregon poet and recording artist Emmett Wheatfall for his ‪‎tumblr‬ site.
Emmett asked me some questions I never really stopped and pondered before, like, “What’s your definition of poetry?” Nope, never thought about it before. I guess that’s indicative of my “seat-of-the-pants” approach to being a poet.
Once again, my deepest thanks to Emmett for this opportunity, exposure and friendship.

Interview ~ Joe Hesch: The Reluctant Poet

Hi, all! I had the honor recently to speak with Boston-based writer and editor Lynette Benton for an interview on her Website, Polish and Publish~Tools and Tactics for Creative Writers.

Maybe you’d like to take a moment to stop by and learn a little bit more (or even too much) about your reluctant poet guy. You can read the interview here.

I want to thank Lynette, my family and friends, those of you who just like reading my poetry, and those in-between for encouraging me to keep exploring this silly world and heart of mine.

My initial reluctance has waned considerably and I’m proud to own the title of poet now.