Just One More Cup of Coffee ~ A Twitter Story


Each day Pain ruled more over his mornings than coffee and the meds meant to ease it. Today, a final dose. A smile. The great sigh. Relief.

Catching up today with a request for a Twitter-length story of 140 characters or less. I hit 139 after more revision and editing than I normally do for my full-length stories. Maybe more than even my 100-word poems. Probably a lesson in that somewhere.  Nevertheless, here’s Story #1 for today. I hope to have another for you later. Maybe even a poem.

Another Night’s Conversation


“I never asked for this,” I said.

“You didn’t NOT ask either.”

“So now?”

“You sleep. I die.”

“Again? And if I wake up?”

“You’ll still be alone.”

Another make-up of a Missing-Story-A-Day. The prompt was for a Twitter story, a story of 140 characters of less (spaces included). I’m not sure if being a poet who started in haiku and who obsesses over 100-word limits for his poems helps in writing Tweet-sized stories, but I don’t think it hurt, either.