Speak to Me in Light


Get that hurt look off your face.
Darkness will be with us always.
But so too the light, because
without light we wouldn’t’
know but dark. It would be all.
I know some who breathe in
darkness and exhale light,
banishing even my blackest pain,
miracles performed by the spirit
of kindness and gratitude
within them. It’s as simple as
we dispel cold with the white clouds
we speak on even the darkest
winter’s night. I like to dream we
possess that gift, calling
and feeling returned such light
like dawn upon another dawn,
all the echoes of our lives.

Another instance of using the first and last lines of a song by one of my favorite songwriters, James McMurtry. These bookends for my study of light overcoming the dark are from his song, “Dusty Pages.” Such people do exist. You know them, they can take your darkness and turn it to light so you see, if not your way out, at least a brighter path. Oh yeah, and this is another of my compulsive 100-word pieces. 

Dancing to Box of Rain

Dandelions Dance by Joseph Hesch

Dandelions Dance by Joseph Hesch

The rain plops in wide-wale drops
upon the Day-Glo dandelion tops.
The frilly buttons don’t care
that these pieces of the gray May cloud
rhyme in imperfect rhythm.
They stand and nod their yellow heads
with the beat it feels as Nature
drops a wet one on them like some
maiden aunt come calling.
Some sundown soon, they’ll age overnight,
like your poets, fathers, teachers,
mothers, sisters and brothers,
their coifs turning white, taking
a breezy goodbye flight.
A new generation who’ll dance
like Grateful Dead fans bobbing to their own
beat in next May’s Box of Rain.

A new poem ‘because I needed to. A 100-worder because I needed to prove I still could. Story #6 to come.