Dessert at L’hôtel du ciel


Angel Food Cake [154/366]

Angel Food Cake (Photo credit: timsackton)

The moments of sadness in life
always end, just as the shorter
moments of joy end even sooner.
That’s just the nature of our days
until we leave. And when we do,
we expect a something else,
hopefully a something better,
a something forever — Heaven,
Valhalla, Tian, whatever your Hereafter.
Some blissful Eternity is our reward,
the fabulous prize and parting gift,
for being a good human during
your finite moments of dawn to dusk.
It will be the eternal dessert you earned
for eating those damned Brussels sprouts,
eschewing sin and sorrow until
there’s no tomorrow. No more moments.
But perhaps some judicious maneuvering
of the little green orbs upon my plate
might garner me at least a warm slice
of après dîner approbation in
L’hôtel du ciel. Garçon, un moment!
Menu di dessert, s’il vous plaît!