Charmed, I’m Sure

A Five Sentence Fiction

“Don’t you think he’s charming?” my wife Elizabeth asked as she watched walk away handsome Father Lucas Bender, who had just concluded a five-minute heart-to-pitter-pattering-heart bit of small talk with her.

“He’s okay, I guess, but I still don’t buy his phony schtick,” I said, my mouth full of a cube of provolone and a slice of pepperoni I’d grabbed from the buffet during St. Michael’s Church’s open house for the parish’s volunteer workers.

“What do you mean, Brian…haven’t you noticed how much larger the crowd is at Sunday Mass since he arrived?” Elizabeth hissed.

At the sound of Father Bender’s boyish laugh, every woman in the place looked up, their eyes zeroed in on the far corner of the room, and blinked – I swear I could hear them all blink — to see their 40-something pastor brush his fingers along the upper arm of 23-year old parish secretary, Zoe Calabrese, who giggled a little girl giggle and rested her fingertips upon his chest.

“Ohhh,” Elizabeth oozed, her hooded eyes returning from that little tableau to stare dully into her drink, “how…charming.”

Whipped up in response to Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt, “Charmed.”


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